The plan: Retire, book passage to China via container ship. Train to Vietnam, then fly to Vladivostok, Russia. Take pictures of old buildings, read books I’ve put off, write. Exercise. Avoid cable news shows and airports. Take Trans Siberian from Vladivostok to Moscow, stopping at Baikal Lake for breather. Then improvise the way west, back home to Puget Sound. Discover whether Penelope finished knitting funeral shroud in my absence.

Questions? Comments? Bright ideas? saintexpedite /at/ frozenheads /dot/ net

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  1. Ken Latsch says:

    I knew that you retired, but, Dude… you really RETIRED! Just started reading the blog… wonderful adventure. Keep it up and keep us posted. Take care!

  2. Allen Wallis says:

    Outstanding… enjoy and take it all
    Best wishes

  3. Marc Bohne says:

    kenny, my man… this is facinating. you have a book in the making… nikki says hi…

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