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South of the Aleutian Islands

The Baltimore is on an eastern course, just south of the Aleutian Islands. There is a strong northeast wind that has stirred the ocean up, and added about 2 knots to the ship’s speed. It is also causing the ship … Continue reading

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January 18 – The Baltimore was scheduled to leave last Sunday at 8 pm. Over the course of the weekend the departure time was adjusted forward and back at least twice. I finally boarded Sunday at 3:30 pm but the … Continue reading

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A Good Day for Leaving

This is the kind of day that makes Seattle look good in a rearview mirror. (Thanks Elizabeth for the photo of the Baltimore taking on fuel). I’ll be incommunicado for the next few weeks as the ship doesn’t offer Internet connectivity.

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Leaving Seattle

According to vessel tracking site, the Hanjin Baltimore is offshore near the mouth of the Columbia River, heading north. It will reach Port Angeles in the Strait of Juan de Fuca at about 9 pm, where it will take … Continue reading

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No Pirates in Vegas

Entertainment corporations have done for passenger travel by ship what they also did for Las Vegas: made it safe and comfortable, while stripping it of risk and romance. Few shipping lines now offer passenger berths although it was once a common … Continue reading

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