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I’m leaving London on a high speed train operated by Virgin Trains. That company is everywhere in London, offering wireless calling services, air travel, and music stores. It was started by 70s-era tycoon Richard Branson about whom I know little … Continue reading

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A Million Dong

I mentioned earlier my problem in finding a currency exchange that would trade Vietnamese dong. I finally located one in Paris and was surprised, when I pulled my hoard out of my backpack and counted it, to find that I … Continue reading

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The Tring Tiles

The British Museum is the gold standard when it comes to the presentation of antiquities. Their displays are well-organized and the writings about the displayed items are clear and the product of expertise. An example was the display for the … Continue reading

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‘Cause everybody hates a tourist…

“She came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledge / She studied sculpture at Saint Martins College / That’s where I caught her eye“

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Fulham vs. Blackpool at Craven Cottage

London has fourteen professional football clubs, five of which compete in the top level English Premier League. My older son suggested that I try to see a game while in London, and mentioned that Fulham was playing Blackpool at Craven … Continue reading

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København to London

I booked a sleeper on the Copenhagen to Cologne night train, transferring there to a Brussels train in the morning and, from there, to the high speed Eurostar train through the Chunnel to London. Before my evening departure I took … Continue reading

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