A Million Dong

I mentioned earlier my problem in finding a currency exchange that would trade Vietnamese dong. I finally located one in Paris and was surprised, when I pulled P1010485my hoard out of my backpack and counted it, to find that I left Vietnam with over 1,250,000 in dong.

The woman at the counter was impressed, until she looked up the exchange rate and handed over the €36 ($50) that the Vietnamese bills netted me. I donated one of my remaining 2000 dong notes, worth 9¢, to an Irish bar here in London where it hangs on the wall next to banknotes from Libya, Brunei, Poland, America and other countries.

About Saint Expedite

Retired early, then took a trip across the Pacific from Seattle by container ship. From China I stopped in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Holland, Denmark, England and Ireland before heading home to Puget Sound. This blog is an account of my travels. Write to me at SaintExpedite@frozenheads.net
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