A Quick Day In Nanning

Before I left the train station in Nanning last night I bought a ticket south, to Vietnam I hoped. I had until 6:45 pm to blow in Nanning. I spent an hour on this blog, then realized it was a windy gripe about the difficulty of exchanging Taiwanese money in China, and deleted it. Who cares if Bank of China makes it difficult to exchange counterrevolutionary Taiwanese currency?

The only interesting thing about the Bank of China trip was this horrible workplace innovation that sits beside each teller’s window. Bank of China "Rank Your Teller" MachineAs you can see it has a picture of the teller, a 1 to 5 “star” rating, an invitation to “PLEASE LEAVE YOUR VALUABLE OPINIONS,” and three buttons from which the customer can select only “Satisfactory,” “Average,” or “Dissatisfied.” The teller knows immediately how the customer rated her service, because she has to electronically reset it, from behind bulletproof glass, to prevent the casting of multiple “valuable opinions” by the same customer I suppose. She and her co-workers laughed when I said  how awful I thought it was but this woman had 3 stars – above average. A young guy I dealt with earlier in the day had only one star, although he didn’t seem too worried about it either.

Remember that grim experiment in which the subjects, not realizing they were such, kept administering what they thought were electrical shocks to a hidden actor long after his contrived screams of agony descended into moans and ultimately silence? At Bank of China the “subject” delivers the push button punishment while looking the actor in the face. How long before this human resources innovation finds its way to America?

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  1. Patrick says:

    Indeed, another way for HR to be lazy.

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