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Retired early, then took a trip across the Pacific from Seattle by container ship. From China I stopped in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Holland, Denmark, England and Ireland before heading home to Puget Sound. This blog is an account of my travels. Write to me at

The Trinity College Ball

Trinity College, just across from my hotel, had its Trinity Ball on Friday, featuring music on several stages. I was unaware of the event but was up early on Saturday morning and wanted to visit the campus and so had … Continue reading

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The Boat Train From London to Dublin

When we get off the ferry in Dublin a police dog gives all the passengers a sniff and James is pulled out of the queue. I’m concerned that he’s in trouble but he turns up within minutes, explaining that he likes the occasional joint and the dog must have smelled the one he enjoyed the night before in England. Continue reading

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Totally creepy, totally cool.

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I’m leaving London on a high speed train operated by Virgin Trains. That company is everywhere in London, offering wireless calling services, air travel, and music stores. It was started by 70s-era tycoon Richard Branson about whom I know little … Continue reading

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A Million Dong

I mentioned earlier my problem in finding a currency exchange that would trade Vietnamese dong. I finally located one in Paris and was surprised, when I pulled my hoard out of my backpack and counted it, to find that I … Continue reading

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The Tring Tiles

The British Museum is the gold standard when it comes to the presentation of antiquities. Their displays are well-organized and the writings about the displayed items are clear and the product of expertise. An example was the display for the … Continue reading

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