Banana Breakfast

I am enjoying a banana breakfast in KL, with the very strong coffee that is the style here.

“Time to gather your arse up off the floor,
(have a bana-na)
Brush your teeth and go toddling off to war.
Wave your hand to sleepy land,
Kiss those dreams away,
Tell Miss Grable you’re not able,
Not till V-E Day, oh,
Ev’rything’ll be grand in Civvie Street
(have a bana-na)
Bubbly wine and girls wiv lips so sweet–
But there’s still the German or two to fight,
So show us a smile that’s shiny bright,
And then, as we may have suggested once before–
Gather yer blooming arse up off the floor!”

Much more reasonable banana market here than in Vietnam. Here on the street you get 4 bananas for 2 ringgit ($.66). In the coffee shop, with free wifi, I can watch the Zags struggle against St. Mary’s for the West Coast Conference championship, with the automatic NCAA tournament bid in the balance.

12:25 pm, March 8: And done, GU 75, SMC 63. All the best to SMC in their future endeavors. Recruiting in the Penal Colony League will apparently only take you so far.

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  1. Herb Jepko says:

    SMC team is now looking forward to foot massages.

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