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The Superfast VI is a hybrid – part car ferry, part entry-level cruise ship. The garage portion of the ship as it is called carries semi trucks hauling trailers andP1000612 passengers cars, mostly the former.  Then there are passenger cabins with four-berth inside and outside cabins, and “luxury” single bed accommodations.

There is a self-serve restaurant, and another with a wait staff and linen napkins. There are several bars and a casino area with slot machines, video roulette and the like. There is a discotheque, described as follows in a brochure:

Dance the night away to the biggest Greek and international hits in our Disco! Do not miss our happenings, including traditional Greek shows and theme nights. The Disco operates daily from 10:30 p.m. until late hours.

The word “disco” does not carry the opprobrium here that it bears in America. I can attest that it runs until late hours as I could hear it thumping away when I awokeP1000694 briefly at 2 a.m.  I should have gone so as to be able to report whether the Euro-teamsters were shaking it to the international hits.

The Adriatic Sea is choppy with three to four foot rollers but the ferry moves through it like it was on rails, with little yaw or pitch. The ship has Internet access, 3 Euros for 2 hours, as compared to the Acropolis Select Hotel, where they wanted 5 Euros for 1 hour.

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