No Pirates in Vegas

Entertainment corporations have done for passenger travel by ship what they also did for Las Vegas: made it safe and comfortable, while stripping it of risk and romance. Few shipping lines now offer passenger berths although it was once a common way to see the world. Instead people book trips on vessels that look like floating shoe boxes which deposit passengers at the same place they started. The odds of being buried in the Nevada desert, or keelhauled, are dramatically reduced, but what good is a travel story without risk? (Legionnaires’ disease doesn’t count). Nobody wants to hear another story about a convention hangover in Vegas or cruise ship gluttony.

So I was perversely glad to see this warning on the NSB passenger website:

Please never enter the bridge from the wing of the navigating bridge at night, as this can cause potentially dangerous misunderstandings with the bridge crew members, who may also fear a pirate attack in some areas.

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