South of the Aleutian Islands

The Baltimore is on an eastern course, just south of the Aleutian Islands. There is a strong northeast wind that has stirred the ocean up, and added about 2 knots to the ship’s speed. It is also causing the ship to roll dramatically port to starboard.

Meals are my only scheduled activity. Lunch today was a traditional German soup of lentils and vegetables, with sausage. I am told it is served every Saturday.  Last night it was “Stuffed Auberginer” which turned out to be a mini meatloaf coveredP1000269 with cheddar cheese and placed lengthwise into half an eggplant. Breakfast was sliced sausage in curry ketchup.

The officers and crew are good people, friendly, hardworking and generous with their time. The officers are German, from Bremen and Hamburg, with one young father from the Ukraine. The crew is entirely Filipino. Liquor is allowed on board and can be purchased very reasonably from the “slop chest.” However drinking is not a big part of life on the ship. With the Captain’s permission I brought a bottle of wine to dinner several days ago  and only he joined me in a single glass.

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