Strangers in the Night

John missed breakfast but turned up at the Killarney train station to see me off, wearing the same clothes from two nights ago, which are paint splattered as he’s working on opening a business catering to young tourists. He’s humming “Strangers in the Night” for my benefitSt. Mary's Cathedral, seen from Killarney National Park when I notice him. He tells a horrible but funny story about his activities the previous night, and I’m glad I wasn’t there. Still I was touched to see him at the station.

The trip from Killarney to Galway requires train changes at Mallow and Limerick Junction. As we get closer to Galway I begin to see the dry-stone fences characteristic of West Ireland, some put up hundreds of years ago. Fiona, a second year science student at the NUI Galway, who is returning from a birthday party in Cork, leads tours of Galway. I am thinking of signing up for one after she says it includes a visit to the Nora Barnacle House. However the tours are conducted on Segways. Fiona has never seen Arrested Development.

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4 Responses to Strangers in the Night

  1. Herb Jepko says:

    Heading north now, eh? Appears that you’re liking Ireland. Great stories.

  2. Carolyn D says:

    I loved Galway and regret not spending more time there.

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