Vietnam Wiring

This picture is pretty typical, although it can be much worse in the old sections of town. At times you will see suspicious looking wires dangling from poles over sidewalks, and coils of wire laying at the feet of weird precast concrete “poles” that areA scary utility pole in Hanoi used in places to prop the whole mess up.

Often electrical meters are situated in this bird’s nest of wires and you will see two man crews, one in an orange jumpsuit with a bamboo ladder and the other with a clipboard, taking readings for billings.

According to Saturday’s Viet Nam News, there are plans in Hanoi to relocate many of these installations underground by 2015, which seems optimistic given the scope of the problem and Hanoi’s density.

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  1. wSeasis says:

    My goodness. Sort of a cut it and leave it approach to wiring?

  2. Elizabeth Fitterer says:

    I love this picture. Wow.

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