Watching the Clothes Go ‘Round

January 29 – Daybreak in the Sea of Japan and I am doing laundry. Every day is a new experience – never before have I cleaned my clothes in such an exotic location. P1000392

It is snowing again, but without the high winds. Snow makes the Tetris-like arrangement of the containers look pretty, but also makes the deck treacherous.

We arrive in Pusan tomorrow, and I am debating whether to take shore leave. The ship arrives on Sunday evening and shore leave will end at 5 am on Monday, February 1. (Happy birthday M). The Captain points out that Pusan harbor is a long distance from town, maybe a $50 cab ride, and the crew doesn’t appear to think it is worth it, but I want the passport stamp and am desperate to find a wi-fi hookup after 15 days without Internet access. When I ask one of the Filipino crew where I should go in Pusan he gives me a wry look and says “Texas Street.” This doesn’t sound like the home of Internet cafes.

To remove the foul taste of the Keith Richards’ autobiography I am re-reading Lytton Strachey’s Eminent Victorians, a free Kindle download.

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